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I just read the story and this is one of the comments posted: "The bride will NOT announce to the guests that SHE ordered only half the servings necessary. The shortages will be blamed on the BAKER!"
But what happened is that they didn't report/show the whole story. I don't live in that area and I don't get their news, but from what I get they only show a little of the interview on tv, not the whole thing. So unless you go online and see the whole story, your left believing an incomplete story. Not fair to the OP.
When I posted, I thought those were your photos . Personally, I don't think I would have allowed a news reporter in my home. I would have said a simple no comment and talk to a lawyer for advise. Your very brave.I stopped watching the video half way thru because I couldn't believe the questions the reporter was asking the OP. I felt so bad, sorry you had to go thru all that. I think is extreme to say that noone would use the OPs bakery ever again. This was just a...
OP, I just saw the cake photos on your website homepage and they are amazing. Wow, they look stunning and so elegant. I really like the one with the billowing technique. If they don't want you to make their cake, I think is their loss. I do agree that PR is important. The first thing I do when placing an order at Amazon from another vendor is check the negative reviews and see if the vendor took the time to answer and try to rectify the situation. If they are rude to the...
Even with cash you have to be careful. There is a bank manager named Franklin Adams, from some foreign country, that is willing to split 12 million with me lol .
This is a frosting recipe but you could use it as a filling by reducing the amount of milk or adding more powdered sugar. have made this recipe and sometimes add cream cheese or marshmallow fluff to it. I also always add a pinch of salt to my recipes. Since you are using lemon pudding, you could try adding some lemon extract to taste.
I got an e-mail from Michael's a while back too but they only mentioned problems in the Chicago area stores, not GA, where I live. Thank you for posting the link. They ran several stories about security protection in the local news, check these videos:
I would suggest talking to the manager and ask them if they can get you one from another store. You can also buy them directly from the company
I don't know if this will work but try putting aluminum foil on the smaller half side of the pan and see if that helps keeping it from cooking faster than the other side. Definitely contact the company.
You mean pasteurized egg yolks .What if you buy eggs, peanut butter, tomatoes, etc. and they come contaminated already. Then you serve any of them and people get sick. Who would be responsible then?
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