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I get their e-mails and will like to know also if they are any good. I have never bought e-books so I am not sure how easy to use they are.
I too went to HL with my e-mail coupon from HL ( you get them e-mail once you register at their website ) and the cashier try to tell me it was for 1 item and I told her is for all Wilton products not on sale and she read the coupon and told me I was right. I have use this kind of coupons before without problem, do not know why the cashiers are now confused. Last weekend at Target, I gave the cashier 7 Target Coupons and I saw her scanned them all but the receipt only...
Thank you, patticakesnc.
I can't find a link to Antonia's cookie icing recipe, can anyone help me? Thank you, I've read is really good with the NFSC.
Andisc, thank you so much for sharing your pictures. For SueW, if you want more information about his future classes and next year demo in Norcross, GA or any of the other states that he teaches, go to his webpage Also, there are some cake decorating magazines like Mailbox News and organizations like I.C.E.S. ( you subscribe to this) that gives you information about cake decorating demos, etc.
His open house was held at his Norcross, GA store this past saturday and sunday. I guess is a yearly thing. Lots and lots of great ideas for x-mas goodies but if you go make sure to bring a camera and maybe some pen and paper to take notes.
Did anyone go to his open house and took pictures that you can e-mail a copy of them? I did not bring my camera since it was my 1st time attending, did not know what to expect. A lot of great information and ideas + recipes but will like to have some pictures to remember. Also, Nick was talking and using fondant, does anyone know the recipe of the fondant he uses. Thank you.
once, I applied wilton's brush-on color in red over mmf and it gave the cake a really nice shine, very different and everyone liked it. i just use a medium size brush to cover more area and they come in many colors, just an idea.
me acabo de subscribir a esta pagina web. Ya tengo como dos horas viendo las fotos y leyendo los comentarios en este foro. wow me gustaria saber si me puedes mandar las recetas del bizcocho dominicano relleno de pina que por cierto te quedo muy lindo. gracias[/url]
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