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You should try posting on craigslist and/or facebook. Also, put a sign outside your shop like going out business sale or similar.
There is a step-by-step tutorial here:!/photo.php?fbid=255388937861063&set=a.255388877861069.57625.105772839489341&type=3&theater
If your looking to buy in bulk, check out this website. have mini waffle cones 228 ct. for $64.99.
Thank you step0nmi for clarifying whats going on. About 10 years ago, I used to live in a small town called Cambria but then moved to Georgia. I want to move back to Sun Prairie or nearby by next summer. Too much crime here and getting worst everyday. I also missed going to the amish store on Saturdays .
Is there or is there not a cottage food law in WI? Someone posted in another thread, a map of states with cottage food laws and it says Wisconsin is one of them. I search online and found this website, which claims WI has a cottage food law: am planning on moving to WI next year and I am hoping thay have a cottage food law
Bobwonderbuns, I'm a little confused. The Coco Lopez brand I know is called cream of coconut, which is different than coconut cream. One is very sweet and used mostly in making PiƱa Coladas and the other is what you get when you let coconut milk chill for a while and it separates (the non-liquid part).Which one is the one I should use? Also, should I use the whole can or measure 2/3 c?
If you have the receipt, can you see what form of shipment your husband used to send the package?
I found a couple recipes online: and
ness-p, would you mind sharing the recipe you used and what brand of cooking spray? I could not get round balls. I kept getting a cone type shape due to the hole on top, I think.I also saw it sold at Rite Aid the other day. I was thinking of buying another one and just using the bottom pans.
So I tried the pan 3 times so far with no luck. I can not get round balls. I used a spray with flour and another just butter. The bottom part is perfectly round but the top looks more like a cone shape. I also tried filling to the top and using less batter but still no luck.I watched the instructional video online and they definitely don't look like the video. Anyone else bought it and was successful in getting round balls?
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