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i would strongly advise that you DO NOT make this. Golly wogs are extremely racist and offensive images. i'm sure it is not worth the backlash and humiliation you will endure when its seen. You may say you are not racist, but the fact that others will be deeply offended and hurt by it should be a giant red flag to you. if you still decide to do it, just be prepared for the fallout, you can't say nobody didnt tell you.
I normally buy Virgin Ice fondant at Bulk Barn, up to a week or so ago.I go today and see they replaced it with some brand called Kwik Fondant. Has anyone ever heard or tried this brand. I am used to Virgin Ice, because it colors perfectly. I am afraid to use this one and i have a big project for this weekend. Any word out there??
thank you for the links
I'd think it would be better with the royal icing. The BC will get soft and might start to look a little greasy against the the fondant. Royal icing will have a cleaner finish. For Navy Blue, i would mix blue with a little touch of black.
Thanks for the input everyone, I will let her know the various reasons and take it from there!
The client said the person who did the cake may have put too much icing? I wonder if that could be a factor?
I have searched forums and can't find the answer.. Does anyone know why fondant would fall off of the cake when and after it is cut? Any input would be greatly appreciated I have a client who is reluctant for me to use on her cake, after this happened to her. What could i tell her to reassure her it won't happen?
thank you very much!
I'm thinking it didn't cool down long enough...
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