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Thank you ladies! I appreciate your help!
Would someone please email this to me as well?(mod edited.)Thanks!!
Hello CCers. I have a dear friend getting married in the D.C. area, Alexandria to be exact, and she needs a baker to do her wedding cake. Her cake budget is $500. Anyone know someone who could work with her? I would do it but I'm in Texas.
Okay, so I have a customer that wants yummy frosting, but not buttercream or cream cheese.I need help. I just made some marshmallow frosting, and it's not good. Anyone have any ideas??Please help.
What about those of us who "doctor" our mixes? Is that box baking? Or semi-scratch baking? Are we just in the middle of everything?
I called ! Yay! I'm so excited about this!Keep me posted! I'm ready to do whatever needs to be done!Austin here we come!
Your cookies are awsome. Congrats!
Pretty new here too. But I have read on several threads that people often use contact paper, florist foil, and even wrapping paper. I think the wrapping paper would soak up the oil from the cake and frosting, but maybe you could cover it in saran wrap. Just a guess. Welcome to CC and good luck. I'm sure you'll get other answers.
Well happy birthday Melvira. Love the cake. You two should be proud. By the way, love the humor and wit -- great way to start my day. And one more thing, no Clooney here, but I will take Brad Pitt.
In one of the threads here on CC someone said to take 2 cups of heavy cream and start mixing it on high, when it forms into whipping cream add a small box of strawberry (or any flavor) jello. I tried it with raspberry jello and it is absolutely wonderful. You can also use pudding. I've tried chocolate pudding and it was great too. Good luck.
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