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Thank you for the information. I'd hate to see it go to waste.
I have been working with marshmallow fondant for years. This week I made three batches for an order that was cancelled the day before it was due. Yeah I know, what a mess. 5 tier cake, 17 dozen cookies, plus an additional 125 cookies individually decorated and wrapped.... all now sitting here.   Anyways..... can I freeze fondant? I've never had this much just sitting around. Or would it be easier to like double wrap and bag it then store it somewhere? Not sure how long...
Thank you for your help!!
Do you have trouble getting them out of the regular cake pans? Not sure how that would work with using that type of pan.
I have a quick question. I read through several posts on here about using the spring form pans. Is it really necessary to allow the pan to set over night before removing the cheesecake from the pan?  Is there a quicker method? I have three to make and it would be very helpful if I didn't have to let each sit that long. Thanks for any help!
I teach at Michaels, I get the store employee discount, wmi's also get 40% off anything ordered through the Wilton Yearbook.A previous post mentioned about packing up a lot every week. The first night of Course 1 you are taking in a cake and everything mentioned on the list. Course 2, the first night you are taking in a mixer and ingredients for icing. All the other nights you really only need your binder, apron and some other things that can probably fit in the binder....
I have been a WMI for a few years now. I absolutely love it. Seeing the look on the students faces after they learn the techniques and realize 'They can do it!'. It makes my day. Feel free to ask any questions!
I wouldn't call them, wait and see if they call you. Ignore the family emailing you, they have no say in it. It's the bride and grooms matter not theirs. Do you have pictures of the hand print? Was the information of the hand slap in an email that you saved?I wouldn't offer anything to them at this point. They knew the time frame you needed to set up and they did not give you that. They signed the contract that states that as well. You even went back and fixed the...
Just a quick update...this has been now sent in to cake wrecks, lmao.I to wondered what she thought of the final outcome, bet she wishes she paid me now!!!!!!!!!!Ahh, to late!! Anyways, I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts on the final cake, it made my morning. Can't say much for the Wiggles here, no young ones in the house. lolp.s. upon my snooping to acquire the picture of the cake, there was one of them feeding each other...the after shot was priceless...they each had... did I get the picture? lolA mutual friend on facebook was at the wedding and posted the pictures. I saw this and cropped everyone out. I know it was wrong, funny, but wrong. I wanted everyone that was involved with this thread to see what she ended up with.
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