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If anyone sends it to you can you please send it to me too! Katherinescakes@yahoo.caI have tried my local library and nothing! Even went to several Chapters bookstores looking for it and nothing! I need to make it for next weekend and would really love to see Debbie's instructions.I f I get a hold of it I will pm you
Thank you so much! I was going to do some experimenting on small amounts Don't want to waste any fondant!!
for some reason it won't let post my attachement....I have tried everything??Here is a link to LoveGo to 2009 collectionGo to A18, eggplant colourThank you.
Hello all,I am making a wedding cake for next weekend. The cake is to have a bow on top in the shade of the bridesmaids dresses. (pic attached) it is a purple/eggplant shade. What colour or combination would work best to create this shade. Help is greatly appreaciated!ThanksKatherine
Your cake turned out great!!!I am in Canada and I usually buy my fondant from a company that sells it by they bucket full in Toronto. They also make chocolate fondant ( it is so good!!) Anyways, when i need black i just use the chocolate fondant and add black colouring to that. Works great for me.So you could either try making chocolated fondant or maybe there is somwhere near you that makes it. Just a thought.
I think I may have to get one of those mats. Not that bad of a price.I have made two cakes with this diamond impression.First one (baptism cake) I just used a knife.2nd cake (bridal shower) I used a square cookie cutter and imprinted the cake ( i obivoulsy turned the cookie cutter to make it a diamond!!)Both ways weren't perfect....but it did the trick
aine2 thanks for that great link.....and to Nati of course for those great instructions and pictures. I think I am going to have to try some of those!Wow the wonderful things you find on this site.
also I have made these with fondant. Just give the site a minute to come up, it took a bit on my computer don't know if it will do the same for you.
Try this website. It provides a template, instructions and pictures.This is how I make my booties.I believe someone provied this site on here a while back.
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