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The NFSC recipe is on this site. Go to recipes and search for No Fail Sugar Cookie.
The No Fail Sugar Cookie (NFSC) recipe is a really good one. I usually add both vanilla and almond flavoring, but you could also add lemon. Sugarbelle has a great blog with some other flavors that you might want to try.
Oh, and make sure the liquid is hot when you begin mixing. That will help make sure everything blends together well.
It took awhile before I got the recipe perfect. I found that by keeping the mixer on a low speed for the entire time I got rid of the air bubbles. I also added a bit more liquid and it was smooth and creamy. I used the measurements for the 6 qt. I usually beat the shortening first until it's creamy and then add the liquids. Once incorporated, add the powdered sugar as Sugarshack tells you. Stop and scrap down the sides, then continuously beat on a low speed ( 1 or 2)-...
I would use fondant. Although I'm sure you could use modeling chocolate. It looks like overlapping strips to give it a pleated look. Very nice design.
I would suggest you pm the designer of the cake and ask.
do it in sections - roll out some fondant to desired length - then fold like you are pleating and place it on cake. If you do it a section at a time you won't loose the pleats. Just fold under the section you are attaching it to so it looks like one continuous pleat. Hope this makes sense.
I can get 2 enhanced cakes mixes (WASC) in my 6qt.
I usually do all my baking 1-2 weeks in advance and freeze everything. I thaw everything in the fridge the day before I plan on decorating. I make cake pops several days in advance since the chocolate coating keeps everything quite fresh. I usually frost my cupcakes 1-2 days in advance. I made my fondant cupcake toppers a week or two in advance and keep them in a covered container. Then I put them on the iced cupcake. I find that while they get "firm", you can easily bite...
start now - the fondant and chocolate will keep everything fresh!
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