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Ok, so I've been messing w/it all day. I added more Crisco, it was still cracking. I added a little water and it got too sticky. So I added more PS to thicken it back up and got the perfect consistency!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I colored it and it was back to square 1. It started drying out again so I added more Crisco & water then PS and it seems ok now. What an ordeal. I imagine (HOPE) this gets easier as I do it each time. You better believe I'm keeping this thread...
I'm sure this is the key. I don't know what I'm doing yet (obviously!!!) Once I get the right consistency, I'll have a point of reference to judge future batches by.
LOL!! You're a fiesty one...I love it!!
I have to agree w/you. It is very tasty. Can't keep my little boy away from it - I made the mistake of turning my back for a couple of minutes and some of my decorations went missing!!! When I came back into the room his face was covered in black MMF! I'm going to try all of your suggestions - not giving up yet!! I'm frustrated but not giving up
Anyone?????? Anyone at all?????
Thanks for the tip. I'm going to give that a try!
LOL!!!! It's my mortal enemy at the moment!! Has anyone out there actually used this stuff that likes it? I've seen beautiful cakes that are covered in it so there has to be someone who has something redeeming to say about it. Please share your secrets as to how you do it!!!!
I've actually added some Crisco. Doesn't seem to help. Maybe I'm not adding enough though. I've just been grabbing some and kneading it in. It seems like I've added a ton. Maybe I'll try another batch and add some to the mix. Maybe less PS too?!? If that doesn't work I think I'll take tiptop57's advice and move to gumpaste. I've never used it but I'm willing to try anything at this point. Thanks for the suggestions.
I followed the recipe exactly and this stuff just wont cooperate!!! I'm about ready to cry. I've seen so many flawless cakes that have been covered in MMF and I don't understand how people have been able to achieve the smooth texture. I´m only using it for my decorations and they look crumbly and have tons of cracks in them. I can´t even get this stuff to roll out unless it´s been nuked to the point of being to hot to touch (but not yet melted). AND THEN, once...
I wouldn't feel guilty at all. If they ask, tell them. I don't think you need to feel ashamed or hide that it's not from scratch. If your cakes look good & taste good, that's probably all they care about. When I've had to purchase cakes before, I've never even wondered nor cared what they use. I'm there for the convinience of not having to do it myself. Even though it may be a doctored mix, you've still provided a valuable service -be proud!
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