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Congratulations. You're so lucky! Now I'm appliance hungry!!!! I need one of these soooo very bad! Happy birthday to you & enjoy your new toy.
Oh my gosh!!! My heart is breaking for this family & for you. This has obviously affected you very deeply - how could it not?!? What an honor for you to be able to do this for the family. I totally agree w/Susan123, you won't be reminding them of their child's death - it's already on their minds every second of every day right now. If anything, you'll be helping them to get through this horribly painful time. As a parent who had to "give a child back," I know how...
Thanks so much, that was helpful!
Ok, sorry to be such a pain, I have yet another problem!!! I finally got a good consistency - now when I roll it out and try to pick it up to cover my cake it's tearing. I tried moving it w/my rolling pin and no luck. I rolled it up a little farther around the rolling pin and it stuck to itself! I had to roll out about a 18" circle. Is there a trick to lifting larger amounts of this stuff?
Thank you cuteums for posting the recipe. I was trying to look it up, but couldn't find it. It wasn't coming up when I typed in Rhonda's. It just kept telling me "No recipes found for your search criterias." What is cake & cookie emulsion anyway?? I know you can sub the extract for it but just curious.
LOL!!!! That's funny!!! It's addictive alright. As we speak, my laundry & dishes are piling higher & higher! And I'm not moving away from the monitor in much of a hurry to go do them either. Welcome newbie!!!! I'm pretty much a newbie myself. It's only been about a month & 1/2 for me. I'm clear across the country from you but just wanted to say hi & you're gonna love it here!!
Just the MMF recipe on CC. I didn't add any glucose cause it didn't call for it. How much do you use?
Ya know what....they are generic!!! I wouldn't have thought there would be too much of a difference between name brand & generic for marshmallows. Go figure. That's what I get for ASSuming
LOL! I feel like I have made a ton of work for myself today! I most definitely plan on trying this too. I'm open to trying all avenues. I was just wanting this to work sooo bad because the taste is so much better than the premade (at least the stuff I've tried). At this point everything is practice for me because I'm so new to most of this stuff. I'm in total experimental mode for the time being. Thank goodness it's for a friend's birthday. I would definitely...
I'm definitely giving that a try next time. My arms are killing me from all the kneading!!! If I need another color, I'll make another batch! That's the only way to go I think if you're going to color this stuff. I feel like I've gotten quite the education today! Ya'll are just fountains of info I really appreciate you sharing your tips & tricks.
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