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Ok, I've tried MMF (still trying to conquer that from time to time) now I'm trying my hand at RBC. I can't get this stuff to stop sticking to the counter. I've added way more PS than the recipe called for and still no luck. I know in my MMF thread a lot of you altered the recipe by adding Crisco & holding back on the powdered sugar. Are there any similar tricks you all have for RBC? Should I cut back on the Crisco? I also noticed that it separates something fierce...
WOW!!!! What else can I say but WOW!!!!!!!! "Simply amazing" works too I guess You're a trooper for sure after all of that. Give youreslf a pat on the back from me because your cake is lovely.
Way to go Sugar_Plum_Fairy! That is quite an accomplishment. I have 1 less child to contend w/than you & I still can't seem to get through that entire thread. You're absolutely right about the amazing talent on this site. I'm in awe every time I log on!
Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you so much for posting that. I had no clue (sad but true!). That is soooo good to know!
I'd like to know that too!
I love it....we can always count on something witty and wonderful from you Doug! Those were great! I vote for the last one!
Pretty cool cakes! What a fun thread this is!!! OK here's mine. It's my latest., The link to yours still wasn't working, but I went into your photos and it looks great! (At least I think I was looking at the right one. Is it the bouquet you're talking about? Anyhow, they all looked good to me!)
Both look great. How on earth did you manage w/out any of your tools? Doesn't sound like you had too much of a vacation. You'll need another one to recover from the one you just had!! Welcome back!
Congratulations. You're so lucky! Now I'm appliance hungry!!!! I need one of these soooo very bad! Happy birthday to you & enjoy your new toy.
Oh my gosh!!! My heart is breaking for this family & for you. This has obviously affected you very deeply - how could it not?!? What an honor for you to be able to do this for the family. I totally agree w/Susan123, you won't be reminding them of their child's death - it's already on their minds every second of every day right now. If anything, you'll be helping them to get through this horribly painful time. As a parent who had to "give a child back," I know how...
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