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LOL! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has splleing trubl !!!! Sad thing is I used to be a teacher !!!!! Anyhow, if anyone out there knows another place where we can find this creme royal stuff I'd love to know. From lanibird's & shivs descriptions, it sounds like it would be worth trying.
I use a basic buttercream flavored w/vanilla and butter flavoring. It goes great w/ WASC!What is creme royal? I've never seen or heard of it before CC.
That is sooooo sad!!! Is there any way that maybe the people you did the cakes for took some pics and might be willing to share them w/you? When they hear what happened to you, I bet they'd be more than happy to give you a copy of what they have. It would be worth a try.
Maybe you should give us all this "lawyers" email address and we can all bombard him/her w/glowing statements on your behalf!!! It'll take them a week to weed through their incoming emails! Seriously, it doesn't sound legit to me. What lawyer would waste his or her time unless they were sure you actually making money off of this cake. If there is nothing to indicate that you were selling/taking orders on your website I wouldn't think anyone should have a problem...
LOL!!!! that's funny! yeah...i imagine you wouldn't want to get those two confused!!!!
i feel your pain. my last cake was supposed to be all MMF, but i couldn't keep it from sticking and had to eventually throw it out & go w/buttercream instead. i was so frustrated. i even used a buttload of PS on the counter and it still stuck. it made me crazy to say the least! sorry you had to deal with that too. i just chalk it up to a learning experience. when i finally figure it out, i'll know a gajillion ways NOT to do it!
Thanks for the suggestions - i will try out the plastic and wax paper to see if it works for me. i just have one other you tape together several pieces first then tape to the counter?
LOL! sorry about that AnneZA. RBC = rolled buttercream MMF = marshmallow fondant. there's a great link here on CC that has a list of acronyms that has been very helpful for me. I felt like i wasn't trying to read a foreign language after i stumbled upon that list! (hope that helps!)
possibly. what did you start with? if you added the PS to shortening & corn syrup, thats what you got. you're supposed to be able to roll it out like fondant but i've been unsuccessful at it. it's sticking to everything...even to my no-stick rolling pin!!! It's really wierd because i've added so much PS (to the RBC and slathered it on the counter too!) that i can't smooth over the cracks but yet it still sticks to stuff. seems like a contradiction huh?!? This is...
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