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I have my flyer right here in front of me (I just got my KA for my birthday!!!) It says that the mail in offer has to be postmarked by Oct 30, 2007 and the KA must have been purchased between July 1st & September 30th. HTH
I wish I had some good news for you, but my insurance pretty much stinks! We had to go from group coverage to independant when we opened our own business at the begining of the year. My husband barely got any coverage at all - and when I say "barely" I mean it! He has to pay out of pocket for everything up to $3700 anually before the insurance company kicks in anything!! The only thing this coverage is good for is major medical problems. It doesn't even include dental...
Wishing you & your family well during this difficult time. May your hearts be comforted and may you receive the peace that you desire and need to get through this. So sorry for your loss. Prayers & (((hugs))) are being sent your way from Vegas.
LOL!!! Yeah....if ya figure that out, let us know the secret would ya!! Esp the bills part!
Oh my gosh girl!!!! It's beautiful. Can't begin to figure out how you managed to make your own cake in addition to handling all the other normal chaos that goes along with planning a wedding! You did a fantastic job. WOW!!!! BTW, congratulations. Just saw the pics - looks like you had a wonderful time. You both look so happy!
I would love to see a tutorial on this!!!!
Hi Dawn,I am attempting my 1st transfer and just had a question about step #8 of your article. It says to edge the transfer w/ the same color icing as your cake. I'm assuming that means to trace the transfer around the outline and then cover the back?!? I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. Thanks for a great article. I've been having a blast trying this out!
Aha! Good to know. Thanks for the info.
OK this is gonna sound really stupid but.....what does sifting do to the PS? I've always just dumped it in. Maybe this is my problem?!?
Join the club! I'm still trying to find my MMF groove! I finally had one batch that turned out perfect and haven't been able to get it that way again . I actually just tried combining a batch of MMF & a batch of RBC because they were both giving me a headache! I was about to throw them out anyway so I figured what the heck. To my surprise, it turned out kinda good I'm still trying to tweek it a little bit to get the perfect consistency but it's much better than...
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