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I've never done scroll work on the side of a cake before. I'm planning on covering this cake in fondant and using RI to do the scroll work, but I'm not sure what to do after that . Does everyone just free hand it or do you all use some type of template or stencil? If templates are used, do you just do it on the counter and transfer onto the cake once it sets up? Which brings me to another question...since this is a round cake, if you do transfer it from a template, do...
Thanks so much! Good to know. I had no idea they were that strong
Thanks for posting this. I've had the same questions. I've never worked with a dummy (cake that is - ha ha), so all of this is very helpful. I do have another ? to add though. If you are going to use a dummy along with real cake (I'm doing a 10" dummy, an 8" WASC, and a 6"WASC on top) can I still get away w/out putting dowels into the dummy? What about bigger size cakes, say a 14" or 16" dummy with the rest of the tiers being actual cake.....will the dummy support the... did an amazing job! That looks fantastic!
I'm not sure what I did, but it's working now! Thanks for your help.BTW....Hope your son's homecoming is wonderful. Enjoy your reunion
Ok...I found a post and followed the instructions, but only the code appears and not the actual ticker. I made sure to check the add signature box and still no luck. I'm feeling a little computer illiterate right now!
I'm hoping this is the right place to post my question. I wasn't sure where else to ask it. I've seen a ton of cute tickers in forum posts and I'm trying to add one to my forum info. I'm not having any luck! I have no clue as to what I'm doing wrong. I tried adding it in the signature box, but it never appears after I hit the submit button. How do you all do this?!?
It has been a really long time since I've made Toba's Glace. I can't remember proportions as far as how much icing to keep out for edging and how much PS to add to the edging to thicken it up. Also, I'm trying to figure out how much glace I'll need for 200 3" cookies. I just saw this recipe on another site that indicated a single batch yields 2 cups but didn't tell me how many cookies it would ice. Any thoughts?
woodyfam, maybe in your comment section you should ask for comments only from gallery supporters. Since the only qualification to become a gallery supporter is to have 100 posts, I'm not sure why this is so important for you but whatever. With so many members, no one is going to be able to remember who wants what so if you only want certain members to comment then say so when you post the pic or turn your comments off altogether. I, for one, am glad for any comments I...
LOL! That is so great. I'm definitely passing this story along. Thanks for a good giggle!
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