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Thank you ;0)
Where can I buy silver dragees in a variety of shapes & sizes w/out having to buy from different places? My friend is getting married & wants a cake that looks similar to this (& I have no idea who to credit for this beauty!)
The chocolate worked great for me too. I couldn't get a good one out of RI. They looked pretty, but just kept breaking on me. The chocolate ones held together really well. Good luck
A long time ago I heard rumor of there possibly being a tutorial on chocolate transfers. I want to wrap each tier of my cake in a marbled sheet of chocolate & I'm not quite sure how to go about it. Was there ever a tutorial made & if so, can someone point me in the right direction? I checked the tutorial stickies in the "how do I" forum, but didn't see one for chocolate transfers. I'm going to try & find the link to the cake here on CC that has the effect I'm going for....
I'm more question I just thought of. Do you cut the stems to the length you want them and just place them in the sink to soak overnight or keep the stems in tact and let them soak that way?
COOL!!!!! If you needed to, could you put a small amount of water in the straws since the ends are sealed off or would you stay completely away from that? BTW, your 1st wedding cake rocks!!!!!
ooohh YAY!!! I've been trying to figure out how to use fresh flowers w/out having to worry about them wilting! About how long will the flowers last this way and how long do you let them sit in water before placing them on the cake?
What a great idea sewsweet2. I'll have to try that. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all of your suggestions
BTW KHalstead, your cake looks great! )
Thank you so much for sharing. The bride isn't picky about the design; she just wants scroll work on the sides of the smaller tiers. I will definitely try to find a press, but if I can't, how do I use a template. I'm trying to picture out how you transfer the design from the paper to the cake? The only thing I can figure is using RI to trace onto wax paper and then peel and that what you all would do?
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