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Thank you, Jackie
I'm still reading comments.  On this one I totally support you.  I was sitting here thinking to myself there is no way I would do a cake for someone so ungreatful.  We are talking about an $800 (low-end) cake.  I can't wait for her to go to a bakery and find out what they "can't" do for her and how much.  That was some nerve for them to want it as a gift.
Some people have no class.  That is one ugly cake topper.  
I cringed looking at the sketch.    I am always up front and say we will work together to create a cake you will be happy with and one that will represent my work.  I ask what did they have in mind and then gather up pictures and include some that I thought was nice that may be different then she had in mind.  I would never do a cake that is a bad reflection on me.
I'm guessing this person didn't have the time or didn't care to take the time to explain why they didn't like the cake.  It was rude.  It's easy to misunderstand the message someone has written with out the expressions and tone of voice.  With this, I will try to be careful how I word this.    I want to say up front you are very talented.  I will have to take the time to see if you have other work posted.  I will admit, my personal taste, I don't like the cake.  The...
Your work is beautiful. Don't quit. That couple isn't wrapped too tight.When I do cakes I don't take nonsense from anyone. I have told Brides they should look elsewhere because I could tell they were gong to be a pain.Did you know it's common practice to charge for cutting and serving cake. Usually $1 pp.
I was thinking the same thing. I've put fondant cakes in the fridge, out of ignorance, I didn't know I couldn't. Never had a problem.
First I thought, that's the fun seeing the baby getting frosting all over them but, then I read the idea about the jam.First BDs aren't fun without the mess.
Birth certificate noted whether you are illegitmate - you must be older than dirt Sorry, the devil made me do it (I'm sure you remember that line)
Kristnmarie, I will take your advise. I have stayed away because of these know-it-all, pushy, pot stirring members. And, because they are allowed to continue we are losing good people.Thanks for pointing that out.BTW regarding copyright material, another subject if not asked don't lecture.
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