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I've used beet powder before for red velvet cake--you could try that to tint pink. Any deeper color might taste like beet For blue, you could grind freeze dried blueberries?? I would stay away from wet fruit for fondant!!
I always use a bleach solution if im not putting something through the dishwasher (look online for the ratio of bleach to water for sanitizing utensils, for instance). I also use a spray bottle with the same bleach solution to spray down counters, etc. And I periodically soak all of our toothbrushes in bleach solution too I love bleach!!??
I just used water or water with a piece of GP dissolved in it. For me, it was enough to hold petals together.
Apti: Sorry I forgot to say, the wedding is Saturday. I am doing my first large batch cupcakes (100+). The flowers are going on as toppers, with the bride and groom cupcakes having a few more than all the rest. The eggs are sold like this at our local grocer, but I've seen them at places like Sam's, Costco, etc. They're not organic, so I don't really buy them this way for our own personal use For that, I have a friend who gives me her chickens' farm fresh eggs!
Thank you The egg containers are from store-bought eggs. The picture should show in my link; I added the pictures of the two egg cartons (12 and 30) I used.
I am also updating the photo album with pictures of the egg trays inside of the containers.
Oh, one more note: the daises you see in the pictures were done AFTER I arrived and were not shipped along with the carnations. I doubt those would have done well because the petals on those are SOOOOOO fragile (I'm not expert, so I think they should be a little thicker to prevent the breakage I'm seeing even just handling them).
Try the link again--I changed the setting to public As for the flowers, I used 100% gumpaste on most and fondant with tylose powder for some. The ones that were made with the fondant/tylose were a little more flexible and not so brittle, and made out better after packing/shipping. Only a few petals shattered off of the flowers, but all are still usable Basically, I used those large 30 egg plastic trays that snap together. I placed a layer of tissue (like Kleenex, not...
I've done some fondant roses in the past, but these are GP and my first carnations and daisies. I say "first," even thought these are the final version of several attempts Also of note, I had to make 100 carnations and bring them on the plane with me Ask if you want to know packaging and suitcase/cargo hold results.
Razzylew--definitely post back if you try them both! I'm interested in the comparison of BakingJeannie's and the one Annie suggested.
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