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LOL, my DH will get a kick out of that! Thanks
Not only do I hate wasting all of these scraps (I'm not a "cake-squisher" yet!), but I hate snacking on them!Anyone have a recipe for using them!?
Sorry, I'm pretty new at this--do you end up with a 4-layer tier? I am trying to figure out what to do with mine. I have a gigantic (to me!) 12" that baked to 2" and I'm trying to determine whether to make it a 2 layer tier and match the rest, or to bake another and make each tier higher (I don't really want a low cake, but I'll have much more cake than this wedding needs!)WWYD?
Thanks everyone! I'm going to go for it! Now. . . back to back-aching fondant ball-making
OH, I just found a box of Jell-O cook and serve lemon filling!!! YIPPEE! But, how would you recommend I do it? It does say refrigerate it after made, even though it can be served warm or cold.Is there a way to make this so I don't have to worry about it as a filling in my un-refrigerated cake?
I'm working on my first wedding cake for this weekend, and I just met with the bride for some last minute details. First she said she just wanted plain white frosting in the middle. Today I took her a sample cake with my raspberry BC filling, and she loved it. Then she said she loves the flavor of raspberry with lemon, and I said I'd look into it.I do not think I want to mix the two flavors together, as I assume you couldn't really distinguish them from each other. ...
I have worked lots with MMF, and I've learned that when corn starch doesn't help with sticking, I have not worked enough powdered sugar into the main batch yet. Also, letting it rest a night after making it really helps with the consistency. If you find after its rest it's still too sticky, you definitely need more kneading with powdered sugar.Once I've gotten the right consistency, and have let it rest, I roll it out on a silicone mat, using a light dusting of corn...
No, I am not freezing them, but I did just put them in the refrigerator. I need to have this done by Friday night, as I will be tied up all Saturday (the wedding is at 6:30 pm). Plus, I have to bake them all in 2 batches, as I don't have the room to bake them all together (and since it's 11pm, I have to do the other batch tomorrow!) That leaves tonight and tomorrow to cool and re-frigerate; tomorrow night to tort, fill, crumb coat and re-refrigerate; Thursday morning to...
OH, and I thought I'd add. . . although I have a general idea of what I am doing as far as design and the bride has no specific request (except color and simplicity), I HAVE NO SPECIFIC PLAN OF WHAT I AM GOING TO BE DOING ON THIS!
This is my FIRST wedding cake! I know there are a few of us first-timers here, but I thought it would be nice to see where everyone who is doing a wedding cake for this weekend is!?I have been making fondant pearls (large and small) for two nights now, and just baked my first set of cakes (I have to do them in 2 batches, as I only have one oven and a small 5qt KA!)How about you all!?
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