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MJTKNT: I could not find any pictures in your gallery of this deer cake, but I have to make one this week and am anxious to see yours! Could you point me in the right direction to find your pics? Thanks!
Where are all of my baking science experts!??
I would love that, Danilou! Funny, as an inexperienced baker, I just assumed that using melted chocolate would make the cake richer and more moist ;) Please PM me the recipe so I can look at it. Thanks!
I was wondering if I can just take any recipe--regardless of the ingredients--and turn it into a reverse creaming method recipe by just creaming the dry ingredients/fats/dairy, then adding the eggs.  Would this work, or is there a specific science written into those reverse creaming method recipes?   I am a small home baker, so I can't just "experiment" :)   Thanks!
I still have not found a great chocolate cake recipe, but need one to bake today! I only have Baker's semi-sweet chocolate squares on hand, but cannot find a chocolate cake recipe that uses this!! I thought thousands would come up on searches, but they either use cocoa powder or UNsweetened Baker's squares.  I'm not advanced enough yet to be changing and manipulating scratch cakes, so I don't know what to do!!   Help, please :)
Thank you everyone for your encouragement I will be trying it today!
DeniseNH, when do you add the extra stick of butter and when do you add the cocoa powder? Interesting!
Weird, I did try adding it when I add the powdered sugar (i.e., right at the beginning, along with the dry powdered sugar) and it does the same thing. I attribute it to the chocolate!I've not tried melted chocolate. I'd be afraid to add hot or even warm melted chocolate to cool whipped BC, for fear it would melt the butter or if the chocolate was too cool, that it would harden in pieces in the cool/cold BC.Tips?? I haven't ever added melted chocolate to real SMBC!
I have been using BakingJeannie's Fluffy American Buttercream (sort of a hybrid MBC/ABC) recipe for about 6 months now and I love it. When I try to make it chocolate, however, by adding cocoa powder, it seems to weep! I would understand, if I was adding liquid, but I'm adding more dry for goodness sake! Why would it weep!? It's almost like the chocolate starts to separate itself from the BC as chocolate syrup. Any ideas why and what I can do instead to make chocolate or...
BakingIrene, I forgot to include a line that I am not big enough nor do I make enough to try all of them Thanks for reminding me! So, none of these. I've tried a couple, but I didn't like them, so I didn't include them here. I also think I made them when I was first trying to scratch bake, so I don't even think I can use those experiences because I may have made a user error that I wouldn't make now (not using an oven thermometer, using ingredients that were not room...
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