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You can still hope.........I was idiot enough to even renew my subscription for the second year. Only got an ornament. I do love this site but it really makes you wonder ......
This works for me: Bake @ 325 degrees and when cake is done remove from oven and lay a dry dish cloth on top. Press gently all over top until the cake is level. Let rest a few minutes and then remove from cake pan onto cooling rack. Be careful it will be hot with steam while you are pressing.
I have always used mixes, If you add 1 extra egg plus 1 dry instant pudding, to each cake mix you will find a world of difference. Also, are you baking at 325 degrees? I use Duncan or Pillsbury, according to the flavor I am looking for. Been doing this for over 6 years, works everytime.
Same old Song & Dance, They did the same thing with the printed magazines, now we no longer get those.......................
I have tried this with Cheese Cake Pudding and Cool Whip, it does a great job.
Just leave it out on the counter in a cool area, it will set.
Make the bottom look like a basket (using the basket weave) and put the money all over the top. Looks like a bushel basket of money.
There is a Chocolate Mayonnaise case recipe out there that replaces oil and eggs with Mayonnaise, you might check that out.
I like the texture of my Smashed cakes too. You don't have to chase the cake crumb all over the plate. If you bake at 325 degrees your cakes bake longer but do not rise as high in the middle. As for the cake strips around the pan, I use the nail in the middle of large pans and that works just fine.Just my two cents.
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