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I used Super Pearl Luster Dust on black fondant and got a wonderful chrome color.
Oh, and I carved it from 2 12" squares.
Thank you everybody! I added some "toes" that are the color of the spots, and I think it adds just enough to the bottom. It was looking plain down there. I am trying to exactly copy the dinosaur on the invitation, so I didn't want to add much, but it needed something.It is a really big cake. It's 24" x 16"!!
I just finished this cake, and I just don't feel good about it. I am trading a friend for a $65 diaper bag/sling combo. Do you think this would be a fair trade? What do you think?
My BIL wants a 3-D Duke Blue Devil head for his grooms cake. I am making the other 2 cakes right now (3 tiered stand), but I still can't figure out how to do the devil. I'm thinking maybe the ball pan on a 6" carved? Help!!!
I don't know about the wire in the ribbon. I haven't tried it before. It might help you to get nice crisp corners on a square cake though. To attach ribbon to a cake, I usually use a small piece of fondant. I get my finger wet and wet the fondant and use it like glue. I "glue" the two ends of the ribbon together on the back side of the cake. could add a hat to the duck before you start making the tranfer. (?)
The wedding will be in Gastonia on June 30th.
Is there anyone who would be up for a wedding cake? I'm not sure of the date yet, I just had an acquaintance ask me for a referral. I'm moving and don't want the extra stress. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. Thanks!
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