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I have used - not a great fan of them - tear very easy and go soft very fast. But I will use again!!
Add flavorings then get the thickness right. I always thicker for edging and thin to flow. I think they will sit (depending on temp and humidity) 2 days with no problems, covered of course. As for the corn syrup - I cant really see where it shines - but yes, I have done it!!!
Love the pans!!!! I also fill about half to 2/3.
Trash the Wilton black and go buy Americcolor - they sell it at my local Hobby Lobby now!!Duff has a line of colors that I have never used at Micheals.
Kristi DeaverWaco, TX 76710ph: 254-235-3099www.kristyskakes.comthey8cake@gmail.comShe does excellent work!!! I know she has done cakes in Austin - Georgetown area.
Only do what you are comfortable with. Only spend what you think you will get a good use out of. Its for fun - dont let it become something that is not fun. It they really want YOU to make the cake then they will allow YOU to do what YOU are comfortable with. Good luck!!! But, never stop learning!!!
I have used them and love them. Very secure.
Bake the 27th - decorate 28th.
All that coloring tastes bitter - I did it - yuck!!
I forgot - I use 1 cup butter - 1 cup Crisco - 2 lbs powered sugar buttercream - no problems in the Tx heat and humidity!
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