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Here's how I would break it down:10" Square cake, filled with buttercream: $406" Square cake, filled with buttercream: $25Fondant Covering for 10": $25Fondant Covering for 6" $15Fondant Bow: $20Sailboat Theme (Fondant/Stacked): $ 35Cake total: $160Filling with something other than buttercream would be an upcharge.I generally deliver the first 10 Miles (roundtrip) for a flat fee, then charge per mile thereafter. Probably $20, then $.50/mile afterwards. That is just enough...
If you are talking about the paper designs that you then cut out, fancyflours has them pretty cheap. If you wanted photos or something else, I have an edible image printer system and could make something for you. My website is and I have been on CC for years. I'm not trying to solicit, but help if you need. I just charge enough to cover my costs.Good luck!Ellen
There was a thread on here a while back that the sculpey clay molds were specifically stated by the company as not food safe. As I recall it was a touchy subject, so I don't want to revisit it. I just wanted to mention it. Try searching on sculpey.
I would just caution against using MMF for pure white fondant. I have always found it to have more of an off-white color. For your ICES cake, you might want to use premade fondant for the white.
Can you donate a cake to an auction if you are not a legal bakery? I might consider doing this for my elementary school basket auction.
Wilton did a soda shoppe "diaorama" type cake in one of their yearbooks. Not sure which one, but I would guess it was within the last 3-4 years.
And to think, DH laughed at me when he saw me using a level. I thought perhaps I was being a bit neurotic!Glad to see I'm "normal"!
LLC is a limited liability company. basically an inexpensive way to legally protect your private assets should someone try to sue your company. They could take the company's assets, but your private assets couldn't be touched.At least that's how I understand it.
I don't know all your answers, but when I was taught to do draping, here's what I learned:- mix fondant 50:50 with gumpaste to help it hold its shape better- use crisco when rolling out the fondant/gumpaste mix. this really helps it stay pliable long enough to get nice soft folds (with cornstarch it will crack)- we pleated it first on our boards before attaching to the cake, so I'm not sure how you would do an entire dress.Hope this helped a little.Ellen
Do you mean draping from one board to the next? Gum adhesive is good for a strong hold with fondant. You put a pea size amount of gumpaste into 1-2 T water and let it sit. It will dissolve into a liquid that you brush on to where you want the fondant to adhere.
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