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I do think you've made a great case for the cake not being yours by inspecting the picture and knowing what sort of product you send out there. I don't recall reading the type of event, but as a busy mom of 5, I understand how so much time could pass. If it were me, I would be initially ticked but could get distracted with life... wonder if it's worth going back to the bakery... talk with a few friends about how to proceed... start a draft email, need to add the picture,...
can I do a cake mix extender without sour cream? I'm using a box, but need to make more batter. But I don't have sour cream. can I substitute it with anything else? no heavy cream either. it's a yellow box mix if that makes a difference.THANKS! I'm trying to bake it tonight and the grocery stores are closed.
Also agree with your hubby! most people call around to make sure they are competetive with local bakeries in their area not lower. i can see not charging the same as the most expensive bakery if you didn't feel your skill level was there, but you shouldn't be trying to price way under either. HTH
It is easy, but you do need a business account. They charge a small percentage per transaction. You definitely need to make sure to include the fees in your prices.
anyone have problems with air bubbles in the icing? any suggestions on what I did wrong?
I typically take mine out as soon as the edges are slightly golden. I like softer cookies. Here's a bump
I made the petit four icing using candy melts and whipping cream. I have tons of bubbles I've made this before without problems, not sure what I did wrong this time. Any suggestions???
Is there any way to find out what they usually pay? Any idea where they usually get the cakes? You could call that bakery adn see how much they charge for an order that size. I agree with making sure you charge how much you want to get paid. So be competetive with your local bakeries. Maybe $1.50 for your reg flavors but $2 for carrot or red velvet. You wouldn't want the Boss loving the cake and expectign some great deal on it when he can definitly afford it. You...
is it a cookie cutter that you could possibly use later? if so, maybe you could split that cost with them. How big are the cookies and how are they decorated? Most popular price seems to be $1 per inch for a decorated cookie.
the 3 day time schedule that was suggested is a good rule of thumb. I've made many cakes that far in advance, and everyone's loved them. Not sure how you feel about freezing cakes, but that's an option too. I didn't think I would like it but tried it and people couldn't tell a difference. I wrapped A LOT in saran wrap, them put in a garbage bag and froze. If you don't want to freeze, maybe you could make all of your icing in advance. That has a longer shelf life than...
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