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How do i titled cakes and what to use....sites are taking about wedges..what are they and were can i get please...thanks craftywiney
Hi everyone!Looking for an idea for a skate broad cake. Can anyone give me some ideas? Thanksemail
i can send you a pic and instruction if you like. i dont know if its the same pan but i'm willing to send it to you. let me know. craftywiney
I have what they call a wonder mold that i make doll cakes out of. dont come with instructions except how to bake with the pan. if you go to my cake pic you will see one made with a barbie doll for a bridal shower. i also use a brat doll. you can do alot with it. if you need the instruction on baking with pan let me know and i'll send it to you. hope i help. craftywiney
Hi does anyone out there has the price maxtic? If so can anyone send me a copy at Been trying to get it from Wilton but no answer. Dont know how to price my cakes.Thankscraftywiney
What i guess i ment was what color do i use to make sage. She's want lilies. Got all the green that they sell but dont know what to use to make sage color.Thanks for your helpcraftywiney
Hi got a problem and maybe it's not. But does anyone know what i can use to make sage color flowers for a wedding cake? Can use help. thanks craftywiney
Need a recipe on how to make a ship cake. Anyone has any idea would appreciate it. Thanks
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