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Thank you I will Check it out   Molly2
Can anyone tell me about the Texas Food Handler Texas Cottage Certificate has anyone done this is this the right place to get this certificate?   Thank you in advance for your help.   Molly2   
Thank you for  all of this information it  helps me really helps me and I really appreciate it     Molly2
Thank you I'm making a 2 tier Minnie Mouse cake the bottom will be a 10 inch round I made a 10 inch round cake using one cake mix (practicing with these pans) just trying to get the idea as to how much mix each tier would make it was very thin layer I will be using a 10 and 8 inch pans any ideas on the amount of cake mix used for this size pans? Thank  you in advance for any help    
I am making a tiered cake and t didn't know if you double layer you cake using this pan or tort and filled it I'm not sure but thank you for your help Molly2
When using these pans is this for one layer  cakes or do you level, tort and fill I have ordered  the pans but really don't know how to use them any help is appreciated     Molly2
I tried that recipe Annie they were very heavy and dry   Thanks
I need some help I am looking for a moist Peanut Butter Cake recipe even if its a doctored cake mix I have tried many recipes and I have not had any look they always seemed to be very dry please any help is appreciated   Molly2
My Nephew Wants me to make this 3d cake for him next week can you tell me how you constructed the fin in the back and how did you put it together so it wouldn't fall apart Thank you in advance   Molly2
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