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Hey! I use the heat strips you buy from Hobby Lobby around my pans and it helps tremendously!! Then I normally just use a long knife and "shave" a little off the "hump" in the middle. Also on Food Network the other day Alton Brown showed where he uses some wooden stakes that are 2" thick and lays them on each side of the cake and that is the guide for his knife. Hope this helps!! Good Luck!!
I use an icing my Mom taught me that is as follows:1 sitck of butter melted1 - 2lb. bag of Powdered sugarHersheys cocoa to tasteThin to desired consistency with milk or I like Heavy cream it gives it a richer flavor.1 tsp. VanillaI put the powdered sugar and a couple of Tbsp. of cocoa in my mixer first then add the butter and vanilla. Start with a few Tbsp. of your milk or cream and keep adding slowly till you reach the consistency you want. I use this on all my...
Sue,First off your cakes are WONDERFUL!!! Don't let anyone dampen your spirit to decorate!! Make Dad the cake and enjoy every bit of happiness it brings to him to recieve a cake from his daughter!!! My mother is the same and I look over her comments as much as possible but sometimes I have to take a stand!! I live 300 miles from both my family and my husbands family and would give anything to be able to give "special" cakes to my Dad sometimes and can't! So bake all...
I have used the poured fondant for an "experiment" in petit fours and it would be easy to work with. Has a great taste and if it gets thick you put it back on the heat and it thins up again. Might work! Good Luck!!
The cupcakes and the cake look GREAT!!!!! You did a VERY Good job!!!!!!!!!
Hey! I would think that any cake you wanted to make would be fine. We are about to have a cake walk at our school and I'm planning on making some Halloween/Fall themed cakes one with a scare crow and another with a ghost on it! But just about anything would work!! Have Fun!!
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