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I just bought some Princess Cake and Cookie emulsion and was disappointed to see it is brown in color. I guess this means that it will tint my fondant and icing. I need pure white for the wedding cake I'm making this weekend. Please give me feedback ASAP as I need to know if I should just skip using it for this batch of fondant.
Where are my saved photos and recipes! I spent hours (days..weeks..months) searching and saving my favorites and now they are ALL GONE!!!! So frustrated!
Can't upload pictures! Half of my pictures are missing. Can't find recipes I saved! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!
Thanks for the info. I just ordered one, can't wait to try it.
Living in Florida the humidity is killer when it comes to fondant. I made a bow for a cake and after two days it still would not dry. So, I put it in a back bedroom that has a room air conditioner directly in front of the vent. Then set up a dehumidifier in that room, closed the door and within a couple of hours the bow was perfectly dry and set.
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