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Do you know what the cost of it is?
I set up Quickbooks for accounting purpose of my baking co. I want to track costs to individual jobs. What would you recommend Quickbooks or Excel? I have sort of played around with both and can't decide what would be most efficient in the long run.
That is really nice. I especially like the finish on your cake, and the bright flowers, and the bride topper, and everything else about it.
Here's how it turned out.
Hi mattyeatcakes, your idea helped me a lot. I had some purple petal dust and mixed it with some red gel. I diluted it with vanilla and painted it on. It really made the color look richer, but they have a little bit of shine. I can live with that. Thanks
I will need to try that. Right now I'm pretty worried, my flowers look grey. Hopefully I can figure this out before Saturday.
I made some eggplant colored gumpaste. I thought it was pretty close to what I wanted, but when I roll it out with a little extra cornstarch it seems it's a lot lighter. Any suggestion on how to brighten up my color after the flowers are dried, or while I'm working on them?
Thanks for responding. I am thinking I might go with the Commercial Kitchen Aid as well, though the Ankarsrum looks interesting.
Do you have an update to this post? Also looking for a good stand mixer.
That's a good point.
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