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Here's how it turned out.
Hi mattyeatcakes, your idea helped me a lot. I had some purple petal dust and mixed it with some red gel. I diluted it with vanilla and painted it on. It really made the color look richer, but they have a little bit of shine. I can live with that. Thanks
I will need to try that. Right now I'm pretty worried, my flowers look grey. Hopefully I can figure this out before Saturday.
I made some eggplant colored gumpaste. I thought it was pretty close to what I wanted, but when I roll it out with a little extra cornstarch it seems it's a lot lighter. Any suggestion on how to brighten up my color after the flowers are dried, or while I'm working on them?
Thanks for responding. I am thinking I might go with the Commercial Kitchen Aid as well, though the Ankarsrum looks interesting.
Do you have an update to this post? Also looking for a good stand mixer.
That's a good point.
Yes they are kind of the same colour.  Apparently this site censored the word m i l l e r as in Dusty ******. Thank you for the advice with how you make the colour.  I tried something last night and it was way off.
Does anyone know how to accomplish the color of dusty ****** leaves?  Is there a tutorial for making them somewhere?
Found the Kara Buntin video. That looks like a good solution!
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