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I only opened this up because I was going to tell what my sister does...hmmm-sister already responded!
It could be a possibility that those professionals do not want to deal with a cake that small. Some people won't bother so they'll give an outrageous quote and you won't ask them again...not that I've ever done that.
My heart is broken for you. I cried as I read this, thinking about how hard you've worked. This too shall pass. You are insured and you will get back on your feet better than ever. Out of devastation comes triumph. Until then I'm thinking of you!
I think Butavan is so good if I had enough I would bathe in it. It's delicious mixed in with actual cake or buttercream. It has a very distinct buttery vanilla flavor-almost like butterscotch but when mixed it isn't as sweet. I always have it on hand and use it in all of my icings-Swiss Meringue, powdered sugar, whipped ganache, whatever. I love it. It is thick and gloppy but that just makes it easier to measure.
RKT hold up perfectly when they are allowed to dry. Make them (I usually don't add the butter) put a skewer or dowel in him and lay him on waxed paper. Do NOT put in tupperware because he will get smooshy again.I have never had a problem with a RKT falling over during travel. I have either made the base large enough to sit on the cake and place the pieces of dried fondant-like he's bursting out of a package-around him to steady everything during transportation or skewer...
Thank you Leah...introductions have been made. It's easier to tell most people what it is on the Wilton as not everyone has an Agbay. Girls who are going to use the 7th notch on Wilton, I have one cardboard under my cake when I use this setting-remember that part.
I don't know what kind of leveler you use, but if you use the Wilton large leveler and set the blade on the 7th notch for 2 cakes, you will have the perfect height every time. I absolutely LOVE SPS now that I've got the height down to a science. It was trial and error until then!
Terrific post-SO true!
I've discovered in the past couple of days that either Domino powdered sugar has changed their "recipe" or I got a very bad few bags from Walmart. There is so much cornstarch in it the frosting leaves a strange, almost chalky taste. I tried the powdered sugar alone and it's horrible-barely a sugar taste and mostly cornstarch. NOT HAPPY!!! I'm wondering if anyone else has discovered this problem.
I've never baked in metal bowls but I bake ALL the time in pyrex or heavy glass bowls. My Pfaltzgraff has seen it's share of baking time.
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