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That's an awesome point LadyMike
I haven't had any luck with anyone liking the taste of MMF so I stopped using it. I didn't realize that Satin Ice had a MM taste.What does Choco Pan taste like?Also, what does Pettinice taste like?Thanks!
Thank you all for your replies. I appreciate it. About a day after I posted this topic I remembered that I have painted on buttercream before. I'm only 40 and my mind is going fast .The groom-to-be designed the cake. He did an awesome job. I'm looking forward to making it for them.
Congratulations Heath & Jackie on your marriage! I am very happy for you both. You have created a GREAT community for cake decorators and I'm glad that you were blessed with a strikingly gorgeous wedding cake.Hmmmm now then, when can we start planning a baby shower cake?
Can buttercream be painted on? If so, any ideas on how to do it? I'm just assuming a mixture of gel coloring and vodka would do the trick but I don't want to mess up on it. I have a couple that wants a midevil castle cake but they want the brick to be "painted on".
Has anyone made a tail of any kind? I'm not sure how to make it.
If you have a Hobby Lobby near you look in the doll house section. They have a plastic brick sheet (approx. 10" x 16") that I bought last year and it worked great.
I buy my powdered colors at a local store called the Chocolate Factory. If you have a local candy/fudge store near you I would try them. I Googled "Cake N Candy Powdered Food Col" (since that's the name of mine) on the internet and found several places that sell it.
Oh boy! I did a Damask wedding cake . It's a lot of work. The bride wanted me to use her own design (monogram) from her invitations, yet she wanted it to match the placement of the design on another cake.That part wasn't too hard. She emailed me a pic of her design. I copied that pic into Microsoft Publisher and did some cutting and pasting and then emailed her a couple of designs & she chose the one she wanted.One website said to pipe the pattern onto waxed paper...
The only ones I've seen are doorbells (of all things) - LOL
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