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Just curious if you made the cake??  If so, how did t turn out?
Here is one on CC. think the creator even told how she made it in the comments. You could email them for help.
A basketweave cake with chocolate dipped strawberries on top always works for a guy.
I always add a small box of instant pudding and an extra egg to each mix.
I have a Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi. I love it. It is 10.5 megapixels.
The three tier set has 8, 12 and 16 inch pans two inches deep. I got mine at Joann's with the 40% off coupon.
I did a princess theme for a young girl's birthday. I did individual doll cakes and put a fondant tiara on each one. Each doll had a different colored dress and each was decorated differently. I used the mini wonder mold pan and doll picks. The girls loved them. There were two boys at the party so I made individual cakes for them. One was a mini football helmet made with the mini wonder mold and the other was a horse busting out of a mini square cake.
Here is the link to the rolled buttercream recipe in the recipe section.
You could use rolled buttercream in combination with regular buttercream or you could use buttercream alone. I would probably charge $50.
Rolled buttercream is harder to use to cover an entire cake but great for small cakes, accents and cookies. I used it on my Spongebob cake and also on the ornaments in my photos. I love it because it is shiny. It is really rich to eat. I think there is a recipe for it in the recipe section.
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