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I found it!One of the dearest CC member got the book and she was kind enough to sent me a picture by fax!!It is "International School of Sugarcraft Vo.3"It wasn't even stucked cake but very oriental and very pretty as I was remembered.nglez09 ,Thank you for your help. I have "Essential Guide to Cake Decorating" and love it too! All the ladies (and gents) who tried to remember the book, re-call the design, thank you so much!Have a happy holidays!!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Guess who was been super good this year I'm so happy for you!
I'm Looking for a cake book I casually looked thru at a book store when I was on Vacation in October. I can't remember much about whole book but there was one stucked cake I just can't forget.I think it was a pink square cake with Japanese (or Oriental) small flowerswith stream of pink and green river on their back ground.I thought it was "Pretty party cake" by Peggy Porsehen so I ordered from Amazon and got it this morning. But it's not the one! (I love this book too...
I did it!Used Sky Blue with tiny bit of Red-Red made it perfect Ice Blue color.Thank you all for your help.Now I have 200 more roses to make tonight!!
getfrosted, Julia,Thank you for your input.Since I can't get Americolor anytime soon, I'll try Wilton Sky Blue tonight.I was going to get it this morning but I had sick kid at home Now my sick DH is on the way to Michaels Wish me luck!!
Does anyone know how to make Royal icing "Ice Blue"?When I put just a tiny bit of royal blue, it made very pale pastel green.When I add a little bit more, it turned baby blue.Cliant wants "ice blue wicth is paler than baby blue"Please, help!
Thank you all so much for your support.This is the cake!I should wait untill I get the photo from the pro.. but I just can't wait to show you!!!
I'll making leaves tomorrow and see how it look.I'm so happy to have support like you all Thank you so much!
I'm doing small wedding cake for this Saturday (25th).Bride wants white fondant cake with white roses and dark royal blue daisies.I made about 50 white fondant roses and 20 blue daisies last night but it doesn't look good together.Did anyone made or even seen a white cake with white roses and blue daisies before?My original plan is to make small stacked (8in. + 6in.) cake with white fondant and put fondant swag in front. Make small bouquet with white roses, little bit of...
Hi Cakekrayzie,I think it's depends on how you feel like doing Between these 3 choices, I like #1 the best. #2 will be the easiest to do and looks perfect for out side wedding!Good luck and I'm looking forward to see your finised cake
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