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large black cupcake liners. Does anyone know where I can purchase them? I really want large cupcake liners that have the Kiss band logo but large black ones will work. I did a Google search but only found the standard 2" liners. Thank you CC'rs!
I tried to order some things from Into the Oven and it says the coupon has expired. Does anyone know if they have closed?
I stopped using Satin Ice for that reason, started using FondX. When I first started using Satin Ice it was great but then something changed. There have been many posts about it cracking and getting elephant skin. Fondarific is good also, but pricey.
Pebbles1727, Nicholas Lodge will be having classes in Atlanta. I can't remember the dates, but I'm sure his website will have some info.
Thank you, yummycupcake. I wasn't sure if anything needed to be done to the seeds before adding them to the mix.
I hope one of you awesome bakers are on line and can answer this for me. I need to make a vanilla bean cake and am wondering if I can just add the vanilla bean to a box cake mix. I know it has to be scraped.
Maybe a textured rolling pin
I was using Satin Ice till last yr and stopped, for the same reasons as previously posted. I started using Fondarific when I discoverd them at a Cake Show. I went to the NCACS again this yr and FondX had a booth. I liked the taste plus they were having a show special.Compared to Fondarific I like the price and the taste of FondX. Fondarific is good, but for the price I'm going to stay with FondX. Fondarific is also hard to get out of the buckets, FondX is easier to...
I'm with everyone else and anxiously waiting for all the tested results
Just substitute liquid flavored coffee creamer for the liquid you normally use
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