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To the people that said I don't know what her situation is...I actually do. I have been to her home and know a very close member of her family. I know she does her baking in her home (which you CANNOT do in texas AND have a license) and I was told that she has been fined once. I would not said that I KNOW she doesn't have a license if I did I didn't know it for a fact. All I am saying is that this chain coffee shop sells her cookies and is under the impression that she...
Hey everyone...I just needed to vent about something so here goes...I am trying to start my own cake/cookie business and recently went to a local coffee shop to see if they'd be interested in some of my cookies. The owner seemed very interested and asked me if I had a license from the local health department. I told him no. He said to come back when I did and we could discuss it further. As I was talking to him, I noticed some cookies that they were selling were made...
Hi everyone! My co-worker asked me to give her prices on making 2x2 petit fours for her bridal shower and I don't have a clue. However, she called the local bakery and they told her $1.03 each, and that's just the single layer petit four iced and decorated. My co-worker thought that was a high price. I didn't think that was expensive, though, considering how much work they are. Someone please tell me what you charge! Thanks!
My variation on MMF...For White chocolate Marshmallow fondant:1- 16 oz bag of mini marshmallows1 oz (maybe 1 1/4 oz) good quality white chocolate chips (I threw white chocolate chips into the container with the marshmallows and melted them together) 2 tbsps water (substitute flavored coffee creamer here, if you wish. I added creme brule and it was great!)2 lbs powdered sugar (8 cups) Don't add all of this at bit by bit until you have a dough-ish consistancy.
Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant) II is the recipe I'm looking didn't include the subject! lol
I tried a search for this recipe and it found no results...anyone have the recipe for this?Thanks!
Sure! I'll put the recipe up tomorrow.
Very, very nice! How did you get the scroll work to be in gold?
Hmmm...I don't know what happened to the Butter Cream option...Anyways, I made a cake last night with a modified version of MMF, and it was VERY tasty! No marshmallow taste and my husband ended up eating the scraps!
Yeah, it is spongy and more difficult to cut than butter cream, however, I modified my MMF recipe last night, and it turned out awesome! It didn't taste like marshmallow at all. More like candy! My husband ended up eating the scraps! (Which has never happened with fondant or mmf!)
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