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How do you keep the ribbon from getting greasy?
Thank you!
I love the look of the cakes with wires and designs 'spraying' out. I've tried to do it before, but the fondant doesn't seem to 'stick' to the wire. What do I need to do? Thank you!!
Great advice....I will give it a shot. Thanks so much for your response.
I have had horrible luck coloring buttercream icing red. I do have an airbrush machine that I use for cakes, but I'm getting ready to do cupcakes with a design that won't airbrush well. Can anyone give me suggestions on getting bright red buttercream icing? What brand of color? Gel vs. powder?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!!!
...when you spend hours and hours online at cc! ...when you get rid of pots, pans and tupperware to make room for cake stuff in the cupboard!I ALWAYS go through the baking and cake supply aisle at every store...and look through the bakery, too.....thinking I can do that.....
CoreyV - I know what you mean....even if I get only 1 or 2 comments on any of my cakes, I get so excited. Just knowing that people took the time to look is pretty neat. Any comments, even constructive criticism is awesome!!!
Thanks, Debby. Prayers are always welcome!heavensent-anything you provide will be great as a fundraiser...I love the cookies with the beautiful pink ribbons....good idea.
What a gorgeous shop! I'm very excited for you. I like the pale blue idea. I LOVE coffee, so I'd be just as excited about the coffee machine, too. Good luck....keep us posted.
Americolor has an electric green gel food's gorgeous!
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