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I didn't read all the replies but the ones I read were hilarious and oh so applicable!  You know you're a cake decorator when you're in Lowe's and see things that would be great for cake decorating (ie- a water heater liner as a HUGE round cake pan!!!)
I've used meringue powder before.  It works great!
I would like the matrix also. Thank you.
I did like kelleym and asked the one and only friend who I'd trust to do a cake for me. She gladly obliged. I was doing the cake for free but I decided to pay my friend myself because it was rather short notice and I actually bought the main ingredients for her, just so it was less of a hassle. I'm glad I have one person I can turn to, otherwise I'd just explain what my circumstances were, hoping the client would understand.
Maybe some polka dots in the opposite color?
I use Alton Brown's recipe from It is easy and fantastic. The last one I made I messed up and it tasted better than the previous one. Good luck.
That will work, but when I used to do it that way, the only problem I ran into was that the cakes weren't even. I was able to see the ridge between the cakes.
A friend told me to do it the way jenbenjr said. It works and is so easy. I never would have thought to do it that way!
Mine is just one of my favorite pictures from Precious Moments. I would love to have it as a larger framed picture to hang on my wall.
I made NFSC yesterday and it was very crumbly after I chilled it. I wasn't sure why it did that, I followed the recipe exactly. So I just added a bit of milk to the dough, just enough to make the dough form a ball when squeezed in my hand.They came out great! I also used Toba's icing. I must say I enjoyed making them. I'll have to take picture and post it. Thanks.-Bethany
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