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Ever have a cake you couldn't wait to be done with? My last cake was that one!!! I had problem after problem with it from buttercream not smoothing, to the stencil sticking, to my airbrush breaking!! I am so relieved that this cake is delivered and out of my sight. Thanks for letting me vent!
YEAH!!!!! I got mine today!!!
Me too. I submitted an email through the 'contact us' on the 'magazine' page here, but haven't heard back yet.I'm really disappointed I haven't gotten it yet.
Thanks again for your responses. I posted the final product in my pictures. I drew inspiration from many different cakes, but didn't look at any one in particular as I drew up the design for this. Everyone at my grandpa's party, including him, loved it! Although I see its faults (like my stupid writing on the sides -- you'd think with all these years writing on a chalkboard I could write on the sides of a cake ), overall I'm pretty proud of this one. Thanks again!Lara
Thank you for the response; I didn't get an email notification, so I didn't realize anyone had responded. I did go through the Independence Day gallery another time and found some inspiration. I think I have a design (my parents seem to like it too, so that's good). We'll see how it turns out... Lara
I am at a loss for my grandpa's birthday cake and I'm hoping you guys can help me with some ideas. First, the cake needs to serve about 75-80 people. I do not want to do any sort of over the hill type of idea. I'd like to make it maybe patriotic as my grandpa is a veteran and his local VFW post is an important part of his life. He was commander of the post for years, is still the bookkeeper, and it's the people he works with there that are helping to throw this surprise...
Very cool! Thank you for the link!
My brother and sisters got me an airbrush for my birthday yesterday!! I can't wait to start playing with it. I just wanted to share with others that understand my excitement! Thanks,Lara
Now wiping the drool off the keyboard... This sounds absolutely delicious...I need a reason to make a cake and try this! Thank you for sharing!
Great, thank you!
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