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thank u everyone .. these ideas sound like something to try idk if i can match bronwen or qualls cake .. but itd be worth a go
hi all, i hope u can help me i was wondering how i would get the effect created on the sides of miranda lambert's wedding cake. im guessing airbrush for coloring, but i just dont know how the sides have that dimension .. can anyone help? plez & thanks
hey there.. cool cake ur doing .. drop us a pic. and to hopefully answer ur question... u can pipe either or, really. b/c if you're not concerned about it being touched or bumped. if u want to make sure it doesnt move or get damaged, i'd go for pipng in r/i.
usually, i use double sided tape and freezer paper, or shiny wrapping paper. both block the grease. i cover my board with the tape, flip it onto the back of my paper, the cut around edges. the board is covered and no folding over edges. ugh.. i hate that. maybe it could work for you.
there is no way i would ever think this is your first cake. wow, that is awesome looking!!!! top to bottom, great job! you've given me enough excitement to want to try one. still scared tho. what if it slides off!? your sister will love it, not to mention all the kudos from everyone else.
unbelievable!! that was so hideous. at first i saw only the top cake, and i thought it was plain, but done well. then i saw what everyone was talking about. it was so awful. i feel so bad for that bride, but i hope she got her justice in the end, and the "baker" also got theirs.
thanks for the link, always looking on the web for the best prices available. beats going to michaels all the time.
everyone here has wonderful insight and tips. i had a woman call me on monday and wanted a cake to feed 200 on sat!!! i quoted her 425 including delivery and she never even returned my phone call. apparently, some people are unaware of what it really takes to make a cake. small or large.
awesome thanks so much now i just need to remember them all. LOL
i've been checking out this site for a little while now, but get lost in some things and dont really know. I can guess a few abbreviations, like BC RI , but is there a legend somewhere, or key to them? my knowledge seems to be lacking in terms of all the varieties of frostings and such. can someone help? thanks in advance.
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