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sorry about the spelling.I was on my way out the house.Yes i ment santa lol and egg whites.Hmm must take my time next time i put something up. I will try anything as long as it sticks .Thanks lady's you are great.
ok sounds silly but i want to put a sants made out of fondant onto my cake.It is coverd in fondant also.I need to know so it does not slip off! Is there something that will glue it into place? also can i use something from home like egg whotes to glue it into place.Help !!Rachau.
Wow Ty Jen H.I will have to read up on it a little bit and set my day aside to make it!Thanks for all the info!
I am going to try and make one for a 40th Birthday!I have never made one before! How long will it take to make? And if i put MMF on it how long will the cake last?If i start to make it on Thursday and the party is on Saturday will the cake still be ok?I really have no idea how freash it will stay!Sorry silly question i know ! But HELP !!
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