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Oh gosh I hear ya dragonflydreams...its an awesome new playground...I've been playing there since I downloaded it today I cant say Thank YOU enough, but I will say it again, Thank You!
Try this site dragonflydreams posted...its totally awesome and so easy to use:
OMGOSH its PERFECT!!! "Thank you so much" it is more than I would have ever hoped for!What an awesome site..and the format is sooooooo easy and its FREE too!!!Oh Goody...I'm doing the Snoopy Dance over here!Again Thanks, Mary
Hummmmm, looks like I put a word in I wasn't suppose to, a * replaced the word I wrote in my message automatically... so I'll rephrase it to, Is there a way I can "Rotate" the watermark side ways?
Awesome,Thanks..I did it just as you explained how to!Is there a way to get it like a transparent overlay look and to cock it side ways?
What's the best way to make personal watermarks on my cake pictures?Any and all help would be highly appreciated!Thanks in advance,Mary
I love,love,love your cake cutting display..its awesome!Would love to have something like that on my web site..Your web site is really nice and your cakes are absolutley beautiful!!!
Before I write on my cakes I always turn the cake pan I baked the cake in over and practice on the back of it...I will place something where flowers or decorations would be on the cake, and then practice my fonts,fonts size and placement of my can use your spatula to wipe the icing off the pan and do it over and over till your comfortable with how your going to write it on the cake...HTH's, Mary
AWESOME,AWESOME,AWESOME..I "LOVE" your videos, THANKS Bunches and Bunches Your so nifty and creative
Thanks for your reply...How do you wrap your cakes, and how long should they cool before wrapping?Do the cake boards get damp, or loose thier firmness after freezing a cake on it?After reading this thread, I think I'll bake both wedding cakes and freeze them next week and make all the icing will sure take some of the stress off me the week of the 28th.Again thanks for your reply,Mary
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