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Thanks for posting this, I cant wait to see his new show..I love Buddys work and I bet his show will be just as awesome!
[quote="tonedna"]No. I dont have a whimsical tutorial, but I have a video to edit on how I stack my cakes. I will add it soon to Youtube. I use cardboard dowels or wilton plastic ones. If the cake is too tall I use thicker wood dowels.In between I use regular cardboard covered in wax paper. Since I do the hole and the surface is flat, Is just the same as stacking a regular cake. Except you have to watch that you dont push on the side of the hole that is higher so it wont...
Congratulations...I adore your cake with the pink draping's...when I saw it on TV my jaw dropped!!! You are one awesome cake decorator!
Too funny..thanks for the word of caution!
Sending Prayers your way..I wish you all the best! May your new adventure prosper and flourish in every way
It makes me feel more complimented to have my pics saved as favorites then to get comments on them, and its even a higher compliment to have someone ask if they can use my idea, or ask for instructions on how I made one of my cakes, that's the highest of all so enlightens me to share with others, especially with others in whom we all share the same interests like we do here on CC
This one is the 1st Place winner: one is Second Place: one is Third Place:
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Cant wait to see what wedding cake you choose!
WOWZERS!!!I knew this place was popular but WOW, its so neat to be a part of such a wonderful community! Thank you so much Heath and Jackie for such a great site, and to all the wonderful CCers out there too! This place has been a God send to me
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