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Thanks for your reply..I tried it again and got the same message..maybe I will ask Tech support...
How does one link to all the forums posted since your last visit?I go to forums, and click: "View posts since last visit" in the options on the right, and when I do I get this message: Information: No topics or posts met your search criteria...Am I doing something wrong?Clueless in NC
Once you summit your Forum topic, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Watch this topic for replies..I had to learn that the hard way..HTH's, Mary
Great Job!!!
AWESOME, your store front is so cute!!!!
I don't have a video to offer, but I can tell you how I made mine...I made all my leaves ahead of time, cutting out with various shaped leaf cutters and colors,and laid them to dry on plastic wrap in all sorts of weird positions to give a more realistic 3-D leaf look. when they dried I shaded them with chalk dusts...I used three 8 inch cakes stacked,iced and filled in cream cheese, I used a cake board between the top tier and the bottom two. I colored and rolled my fondant...
Ummm, Yummy..they look delish..Place the recipe on here for us!!!
The first couple times I used mine it was odd, and I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not, then when I went back to scooping out of the bowl to apply it I realized it was so much more work, time, and I had more unevenness to smooth out then when I did using the icer tip...It makes icing the cakes lots faster, more even, and too you wont pull crumbs into the cake using it,like you do applying it a scoop at a time..You just got to make sure you get the tip close...
Looks like LV would be flattered, and look at it as free publicity and advertisement as well...I cant imagine owning a product line that people are so interested in and fasinated over that they would have their celebration cakes made to mimic it...WOW! How awesome would that be?!
[quote="janelwaters"]Pathetic #4!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cake shows. I even watch wedding shows just incase they show the wedding cake! [quote]Oh gosh I do that too, anytime I see anything about a wedding on TV, I will stop to see if they show the cake...sometimes I will tell hubby to hold on when he is channel surfing, cause they may show a glimpse of one.I'm so excited about Buddy's new show, cant wait to see it...I too am pathetic #5, got it marked on my calendar as well !!!
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