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Thank you so much I copied and pasted your instructions..Thank You, this wil be very helpful!
Oh WOW, Thanks for your time and help, Im taking notes...Great cake!!!Thanks Bunches and Bunches!
I need help/instructions on how to make a football helmet cake.My grandson sprung a quickie last minute change in cakes on a football helmet is his final call.I need to know what size cakes, I'm assuming the ball pan and two 8 inch cakes???How to carve it, and how to make the face mask so it will fit to the dimensions of the cake, also how to make the face mask curve.Lets face it, I need all the help I can get in every aspect of this cake and any advice, tips, and...
Thanks I got some basic ideas to take notes of from these videos
Hummm, maybe I will...I hear its awesome tasting
Thanks for the feedback... I'm taking down notes..I'll be using Wiltons fondant, and a pound cake mixture for the denseness of the doll...
Thanks, in my minds eye I kept thinking of wrapping the fondant around the cake.. of course over the top would be the right way...gesh I slip up sometimes!So to get the hem just right I should put the cake on something and trim the fonadant?
Thanks for your reply and tip, I'll take notes to lay aside to go over while Im doing this cake.. The details on your doll cake is awesome!
Bringing this post back up to the surface...
I will be making my first doll/Cinderella cake in a couple weeks, and wanted to ask how is the best way to make the dress out of fondant icing?What I cant quite understand is how everyone is getting the hem part of the dress so nice and even, and how does it line up in the back and around the waste line..also whats the best way to make the camisole? Any advice would be highly appreciated.Ill be using the Wilton doll pan for the first time as well.Thanks in advance, Mary
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