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I think that's what I may do if I do make her the pillow cake...Im hoping someone who has done a couple would reply with some more advice tips and tricks to make one before I venture off into buy the pans and doing one..after what happened to my football cake Im kinda scared to do a pillow cake, but would really love to.
Thanks I wondered about if the bottom cake was a denser cake than the top tier or maybe they both were pound cakes...
I am wanting to get the Wilton set of Pillow cake pans to do a wedding cake in August for my daughter, my concern is, how does one stack the cake with out the bottom layered cake spreading out?I tried stacking a 3-D fondant football cake covered in fondant last year, I did the bottom half first, and then the top half, laid the top onto the bottom cake and it looked perfect, within 15-20 minutes the bottom cake started sprawling out!!...I had to take the cakes apart, pull...
well dang it ddint load..let me try again
Thanks everyone, I decided to use teh 6" styrofoam ball and covered it in fondant, was chore to do, but worth my time and efforts.Thank you ALL for your responses! MaryHeres isa pic of the finished product
Thanks everyone, not sure what Im going to do yet, I just wish there was a way to cover the head in fondant easier...Any one else with who has more ideas, tips and tricks to do this sure would be appreciated!
@Kiddikakes, I cant find your pic, I must ne overlooking it can you post it here for me please?@cake_girl4, so you covered a round bal cake in fondant,or just a round cake?Would love to see your pic too.Im stressing over this cake bad, I never even knew there was a such thing as a Mickey Mouse Playhouse, till I got this last minute order!
How do I cover a round ball in Fondant?I have a Mickey Mouse Club cake to do starting tomorrow, I need to make his head. How do I do that in fondant to make it solid without ripples, tearing, and seams?Any other tips to do this cake would be appreciated, Thanks Mary
Thanks, the Makin's Professional Ultimate Extruder is the most recommended one thus far..coolI'll look one up and get the prices for it and the extra discs and drop a hint in to hubbys ear tonight....wish I lived closer to a Hobby Lobby, they dont sell that brand at Michaels , gosh darn it!!! (stomping foot)Thanks, I do apprecite all yalls feedback
I need a real Extruder really bad, and thinking about asking hubby to get me one for Christmas...Could yall please tell me the best one to buy, I want to make sure I can make long continuous forms, like long seamless ropes and such as, yet easy to use and refill.Any tips and tricks to using one would be highly appreciated as well...the only extruder I have ever used is a play doe one, its ok for the small stuff, yet very hard to use and very limited as well (Thanks in...
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