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Thanks for replying, I couldn't find anything either. I thought they gave discounts to CC members, not the other way around.   Owell, I submitted my order already, now waiting for my goodies to arrive =)
Do Cake Central Members still get a discount code when shopping at Global Sugar Art?
We are Inviting Facebook users to join us in a Wilton Method Instructors Only Group. If you are like myself and an avid Facebooker, and are also an active WMI, then feel free to join our Facebook Group and become one of the gang.   Even though we teach at different accounts/stores, we still share a common interest, and discuss an array of WMI and general cake decorating topics.   Here is the link to join us:...
Sorry if anyone tried to join and could'nt find the group from the link, I had to change the settings to accept requests.    Here's the link again:
    Hi WMI's      If your like me I spend most my time on Facebook,and would love to have a group of other Wilton Method Instructors to share with and join my new Group Page there. The settings is set on "Secret", so no one else can see anything you or anyone else is posting in it, it will show up in your personal notifications and feeds only, its 100% private!   Your ALL welcomed to join me there. You must be an active WMI to join. When...
Thanks, I joined the Yahoo Group, wow, great place..Thank you for the link!!!!
Great advice and tips you gave me, Thanks for your reply, Im taking notes! =)
Anyone =(
Im going to start teaching the WMI classes in June and 100% brand new to this method of teaching cake decorating, any advice you can give me to get started would be highly appreciated.I sat up till 2:am watching the WMI videos, going over all the links in the web site and trying to learn as much as I can before actually walking in the class room for the first time as the teacher. I took the first 3 courses last year and applied to teach afterwards.How should I do a demo...
Thank you so much, I need all the advice I can get before I try to make one of these style cakes....and thanks for the heads up about the pan insert batter measurements...I knew asking here on Cake Central that I would get helpful and important feedback!
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