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Hi all.Can any one please tell me what is the best temperture to bake my tarts in a convec oven. (is this the one that blows the hot air in the oven)and do i put them in the middle of the oven?Please help i have a big event coming up.Thanks for all the info.
Hi puppylove,I do sel at fairs and festivals. Well i do all my shopping, and then i calculate how much i will sell my slices for as here we sell like that.every thing has to be packaged in small plastic container withplastic covers.The cost of the slices is priced by what type of cake it is, and you have to make like atleast a 30% on you cost.Hope this helps.Good luck
ok this is what i do i mix my pudding with whipping cream, then i fold this into my buttercream.but i always but these kind of cakes in the fridge.Hope this helps and good luck.
Thanks bonjovibabe , will do.
Hi to all,I have a big event coming up, and i was wondering can a freeze my coconut tarts, and my driedpruine tarts.Any help would be wellcome.I make everything from scratch so i hardly ever freeze.Thanks.
Thanks, well at least i have a guide line the way bonjovibabe were u at in the Netherlands?
hi all,I have a bible cake to make for a FHC and i was wondering if any one have any ideas, as to the price.the lady wants a plain yellow cake from scratch, and buttercream, with decorations.This would be the big bible pan from Wilton.Don't want to overcharge, this would be my first bible i charge for, so i have no clue.Thanks all prices are welcome.
hey, You did a good job. Love your disign. Lots of work.Good luck on your final product.
great job.wanted to try one of these cakes, but still putting it off.Like ur teletubby, he and MJ should have a ball together.
Thanks.I will try the marker thing, as i have already bought the oventhermometer.It's a ''CUISINO''.iT'S JUST THAT THE FRONT OF THE STOVE LOOKS SO ODD WITH OUT THE BLACK MARKINGS.Groetjes Ana.
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