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Me too! That's how I do it. 3-ring binder and sheet protectors.
Me too! Put me on that list!!
Don't say anymore!!! I tivo'ed it (since i'm still at work) and I'm going to watch it tonight. I'm curious to see the cake balls on a stick.
Great ideas GeminiRJ and Honeydukes! I will have to do a test run and see which works better. I totally forgot that I could do a chocolate transfer and the fruit roll up sounds like an excellent idea!
Honeydukes-When you pipe with chocolate, do you have any issues with it being too thin and running all over the place or find it too thick to pipe with? I really like this idea for my DD birthday party as a favor (we're doing a Mickey Mouse theme) and I'm thinking I can do a Mickey and Minnie on a stick but want an easy way to add a bow to Minnie's head.Do I make any sense or am I rambling?? I'm on a telecon at work right now... multi-tasking at its best!
Thanks Gemini! I actually did bake 5 of the cookies up (and I'm now baking more!). They are a little flatter than they probably should be be they are oooo sooooooo good!! I don't know if I'll make the same "mistake" the next time I make these cookies. I have to see how 2 eggs come out. But I think I found my new chocolate chip cookie recipe!Chewy and FLAT! Just the way I like 'em!
Or am I trashing the cookie dough? I'm testing out a new chocolate chip cookie recipe and I added 3 eggs instead of 2! I was reading the recipe too fast. I'm going to bake the dough anyway. Just wanted to know if it's still going to be edible?? Or am I wasting my time and should just toss the dough and start all over???
Welcome to the CC "family", Mike. You're going to find this site very addicting!
You really want to get married on our CT beaches?? I won't even swim here. LOL. In Mystic, I can't really think of any place. Did you look into Harkness Park in Waterford? It's a nice park and they have a water-front. There are pavillions at both Rocky Neck and Hammonasset but I've never heard of wedding being performed there.I'm probably of no help to you but born and raised here, just thought I needed to comment!
My DVR is set! I can't wait for next week!
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