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I can't access makeyourownmold either. This is terrible. I wonder if there are more people having this problem?
I am having the same problem i wanted to make a purchase eon and there is no webpage.
I ordered Debbie Brown Dream Wedding cake book, but it has not come in on time for me to make the rose cake I was wondering if anybody else has the book and is willing to share with me the instructions on how to make the rose cake that she has in her book. I was hoping to make the cake for my sisters birthday that is this saturday. Please any help would be great. Thanks in advance CC's
This post has been very helpful even to me. It a refresher on not letting people take advantage of you.Whenever I have a "friend" requesting a cake the most common thing said to me is , "just a little cake, doesn't have to be big of flashy" My response to that is always the same, " then it probably it's best you just go to Safeway"I have learned they are just wanting a free cake, and it is really upsetting. I had one friend call me up and ask for the cake for the...
Thankyou for sharing Your cakes are beautiful.
Seeing the pictures make it so much easier to follow. Thank you
This is a great thread.I am glad I found it !
What so funy is that a lot of my favs are on here talking about their favorites!! Honestly, I love so many of the cakes on CC that I just wouldn't know where to start. I'm just glad that you all share your cake art for to us to admire and get inspired from.
Thank you solacakes and kakeladi. Your cakes are great too. I'm going to check out the cake crush tread
Ok, so I am sitting in front of my computer eating chips and salsa and just going through all these great cake designs!! I was trying to find inspiration for a garden cake I'm suppose to be making and instead I got lost in the many cakes that I have never seen before. I just wanted to take the time to tell all the CCers that you are all very talented cake decorators. So Thank you for your great cakes and being an amazing source of inspiration, help, and just all around...
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