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I use pudding in all mine and never has one exploded! I think that's pretty funny that people have posted that. Maybe it's something else they are putting in their batter?
Thanks everyone...I have a big cookie order coming up this week (red race cars) and I always use rolled buttercream but thought about using either red satin ice or trying Duffs. I always seem to have issues with white royal soaking up the red rolled buttercream so that's why I thought switching for these cookies.
Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this yet and if so how does it taste compared to Satin Ice?Thanks1
I have no idea....I use butter and crisco in my buttercream but I don't use water, I use either milk, whipping cream or coffee creamer.Sorry I can't help.....
If you can get a swatch of that fabric I would! Periwinkle is a hard color to match, sometimes it looks more on the blue side and sometimes it looks more on the purple side. If you can get Americolors I would really go with those. You might try mixing the royal with violet or regal and if you need to go darker maybe a touch of black. But if you can get a hold of that material that will really help you out.Good Luck!
Does anyone know how long cake balls stay good for once they are made?
Americolors!! They are the best!
Popcorn salt works the best and you have to make it in heavy duty mixer. This is best on cookies!!
RBC is very greasy. When I cover my cookies with it I usually do a dusting of powdered sugar on top so my RI sticks to it better. I have not covered a cake with it but have used it as accents on a cake and it worked OK but I don't think it works as good as Fondant. I would suggest using Satin Ice Fondant or making Marshmallow Fondant.A good person to ask about RBC is Cambo.HTH
Try switching to AmeriColors. You don't have to use as much to get the color you want. Once you use this brand you wont go back to Wilton. I love their colors!!
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